YMCA of Southeast Texas


The YMCA of Southeast Texas is currently serving four schools in Port Arthur Independent School District, the Y Reads with You is a reading program designed to enhance elementary school students reading levels.  Eligible students are identified for the reading program by their reading teacher. 



One student avoided reading because of problems related to his speech.  Once he enrolled in the Y Reads with You, he now loves visiting the library, do his homework on the computer. He will now pick up a book to read on his own.  There is no cost to participants, but children must be recommended to participate in the program. 


Working in small groups, children spend time reading aloud as well as silently.  Teachers will assist children in sounding out words, if needed.  Our YMCA uses Achieve3000 computer software is utilized in the program.  The focus of the program is to improve reading fluency & reading comprehension.  The program has resulted in improved reading scores in the classroom as well as on standardized tests for the children who have participated in the program. 


This program is 100% free to the participants.   We have each family sign a commitment contract to ensure their attendance.  Our staff at the YMCA work with the Principal and teachers in each school to help keep each child on the path of Literacy.   The YMCA partners with the Port Arthur Independent School District.   We are funded by the United Way of Mid and South Jefferson County along with the Foundation of Southeast Texas to offer this program.   The money donated for this program helps the YMCA purchase reading supplies, the Achieve3000 software and other expenses that come up through the year.    We thank the Foundation for their continued support of the YMCA and the Y Read with You program!