The Friends of CASA


CASA of Southeast Texas opened an endowed fund with the Foundation for Southeast Texas to provide financial security for years to come. CASA, Court Appointed Special Advocates, stands up for abused or neglected children and walks with them through their journey to safe and permanent homes. With thousands of children being removed from their homes every year, the “man power” of the volunteers is what changes their lives. These volunteers, with the support and guidance of CASA’s professional staff, help search for information to improve the happiness and safety of the child.  They are the only adults with them every step of the way; from their step out of danger to their step into safety.


 CASA relies greatly on their volunteers to guide the children with over ninety percent of the cases handled by volunteers.  CASA’s previous executive director, Lanis McWilliams, said, “People should know they can get involved. Everyone can do something. It’s not sad to see these children, it’s sad not to do anything about them.”


CASA receives funding to provide proper help for the children through local support, grants, and many fundraisers such as their “Casas for CASA,” summer carnival, golf tournaments, BBQ sale and toy drives.


The Board of CASA wants to see a future for their organization. Many people donate to CASA every year, but is it a reliable way to ensure that children looking for support will have the best? Through the Friends of CASA Endowed Fund at the Foundation, some earnings from the fund can be distributed each year for operation if CASA chooses to do so, while the bulk of the fund continues to blossom. This endowment fund allows for less pressure on fundraisers to provide the quality care that CASA gives.


The Foundation for Southeast Texas is thrilled to have this endowed fund from an organization that is here to take the journey with the children to safer, loving homes.