The Gisela Houseman Donor Advised Fund


Charter board member, Gisela Houseman, established a Donor-Advised Fund with the Foundation for Southeast Texas.  Houseman, who has served this community with her gifts and services to many nonprofits, decided that making her charitable donations through the Foundation would better serve those chosen charities and make giving easier for her.  The Foundation staff handles the administration and payouts, Houseman receives reports on all the donations she makes, and she gets a tax benefit because the Foundation is a public charity.


Houseman says, “The Foundation is a hidden gem that could be valuable to many charitably minded people in the community.  I hope that by my using the Foundation as my vehicle for giving, it will encourage others who want an easy way to give back to the community to establish their own fund.”


The Foundation for Southeast Texas is grateful to have Gisela Houseman’s fund and the gifts that are distributed to our community because of her generosity.