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Stable-Spirit Receives Funding from The Foundation For Southeast Texas


Stable-Spirit is a 501(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to provide the community with opportunities that inspire positive mental, physical, and emotional health through professionally guided interaction with horses.  Horses have the innate ability to mirror the characteristics and emotions of people around them, thus, horses are effective as a positive interactive learning tool.


The Foundation of Southeast Texas has been extremely generous to Stable-Spirit by awarding $12,000 since 2010.  These grants have funded Stable-Spirit’s Therapeutic Life Skills Development Program; which has assisted residents, both adults and children, living at or below the poverty level in Jefferson, Hardin, and Orange counties to avail of Stable-Spirit’s services. 


These donations have allowed Stable-Spirit to provide Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), Equine Experimental Development (EED), and Equine Comfort Care (ECC) sessions.  These sessions are meant to target individuals who are seeking alternative means of coping with and overcoming hardships associated with mental, physical, and emotional disabilities.  Examples of such hardships include (but are not limited to) family/relationship problems, behavioral issues, substance abuse, anxiety, depression, physical/emotional abuse, neurological disorders, cerebral palsy, autism, muscle weakness, sensory processing disorder, stroke, and speech/communication dysfunction.


Individuals are able to improve their disabilities through ground obstacles and professionally guided horse interaction; which positively increases a person’s sense of confidence, motivation, and problem solving skills.  Upon completing the Therapeutic Life Skills Development Program, participants have made the following statements concerning what they learned:


“It was insightful and different.” (Male, age 45)


“It’s amazing how a horse’s personality can mirror a person’s personality.” (Female, age 47)


 “My experience was great. I learned about myself and my group members as well as the horses. I now have a better ability to manage my life. Thank you very much.” (Male, age 33)


“It seemed to decrease my anxiety. It was very therapeutic.” (Female, age 50).


“Helped me learn that I should approach situations in a calm, relaxed way.  And to have confidence when approaching a tough situation.” (Male, age 20)


“Brought more awareness to my disposition.” (Female, 25)


“It gave me an insight on how to trust and push forward on the right path.  There are (sic) more than one right way to express my emotions.” (Male, age 28)


 Aided by The Foundation of Southeast Texas, Stable-Spirit has been able to provide the Therapeutic Life Skills Development Program services to individuals and groups, including the clients of Adams House, Autistic youth, Inspire Encourage and Achieve (IEA), Jefferson County Juvenile Probation, Hardin County Juvenile Probation, Orange County Juvenile Probation, and Unity Treatment Center.