Becoming a Part of the Foundation for Southeast Texas

By Evelyn Lord


While I was in public office, I was often asked difficult questions.  It was, therefore, a real pleasure to recently have been asked a very easy one!


Why did you and your husband decide to establish a fund with the Foundation for Southeast Texas?


Both Sam and I had been very active over many years in community affairs, not only fulfilling what we considered to be our civic duty, but also making many lifelong friends and deriving great personal pleasure from the associations with which we worked.  We also developed huge respect for their missions and the volunteers and staffs who labored to make those missions meaningful.


Again, both Sam and I had served many years with the United Way, and both of us had served as president and campaign chairmen.  We had, and I still have, great pride and confidence in that organization and in their method of carrying out their goals.  The Foundation for Southeast Texas was an outgrowth of community needs as learned from United Way’s experience.


We watched the Foundation mature and become very successful over the several years since its founding.  It offered to Sam and me, and to many others, the opportunity to guarantee that the United Way and other organizations in which we had played a part would still derive support from us even after we both had passed away.


Thus was started the Samuel and Evelyn Lord Endowed Fund.  When it goes into play after my death, the major portion of interest derived from it will go to the United Way and the rest to Goodwill Industries.  The other groups in which we volunteered (Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Salvation Army, etc.,) are all United Way agencies and will be covered in that part of the endowment. 


From time to time, we added to the fund, and many contributions to it were made in Sam’s memory upon his death.


It is a wonderful and warm feeling for me to know that, when we are no longer here, the groups that we invested ourselves in would still be receiving a little financial support from their friends Sam and Evelyn Lord through the Foundation for Southeast Texas, an organization in which I have absolute trust. 


That was most certainly an easy question to answer!