Buckner Children and Family Services, Inc.


Southeast Texas - Foster and adoptive parents are committed to making life better for children from hard places, whether it is for a short time or a lifetime through adoption.  These families often face challenging circumstances in meeting the daily needs of the children in their care. Foster parents are at high risk of burn out due to demanding schedules and regulatory requirements.  Furthermore, these special children typically require trained caregivers.  For some, it's due to special emotional and behavioral needs, for others it is simply due to licensing requirements.  Therefore, these special families typically are often required to pay trained caregivers as babysitters.  Moreover, some of the families striving to keep large sibling groups together sometimes have to bring trained caregivers into the home on a scheduled basis in order to meet supervision ratios mandated by regulatory authorities.  This is an important respite need as creative options are continually sought to keep siblings together as they are all to often separated. Funding provided by Foundation of Southeast Texas is being utilized to support numerous foster families, one being a loving family who opened their home to  a sibling group of five, ages 0-10 years . This special family is now preparing to adopt these siblings and give them a forever home! The respite financial support was tremendously needed to maintain required licensing ratios.  Your contribution impacts lives, and we thank you!